Useful Book Translation Apps

Apps For Literature And Writers

Story Skeleton

Ideas strike wherever you are. Be prepared with Story Skeleton, the best story-mapping and organisational tool for iPad and iPhone. Create the structure for your project with Story Skeleton’s snappy and finger-friendly interface. Export to a variety of useful formats, including native Scrivener and Final Draft documents!
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Project Gutenberg – digitising the world’s great works

If you’re studying English Literature and haven’t yet discovered Project Gutenberg, then you need to visit it now! Project Gutenberg has attempted to collate all freely available literature (i.e. literature which isn’t copyrighted or which has an expired copyright) and put it into one place. These e-books are high quality, published by respected publishers and properly proofread. The project was actually started in 1971 by Michael Hart, who wanted to digitise and distribute the great works of history. Before spending money buying any text for your course, take a look and see if Gutenberg has it.
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Swipespeare – translating Shakespearean language

Struggling with Shakespearean language? This useful app lets you swipe across any text to show a modern language translation, and then swipe back to show the original text. Swipespeare is not recommended for use all the time; after all, you do ultimately want to be able to read and delight in the original Jacobean phrases. But it is useful for the odd passage if you’re really struggling, or to perhaps throw new light on a text. If you’re tutoring younger students to earn some extra money, this could also be one of the best apps to get them engaged and interested in the world of Shakespeare.
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Apps For Translators

Translation Practice App

This app allows you to improve your foreign language skills by translating subtitles from your native language into a language you learn.
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Language learning apps (free)

Duolingo – Get It Here

BabbelGet It Here

iTranslate Voice 2

The idea is simple and time-saving: iTranslate Voice enables person-to-person conversation using natural language and a smartphone, with no need for tapping text onto a small screen. Just talk into the phone or iPad mic and the app translates. It supports around 40 languages and dialects, including pretty much anything you’re likely to use on holiday

iOS; £4
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