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Everything is checked a minimum of three times. No other book translation agency does this as standard practice. All work is handled throughout the job by one of our sub-editors – so that there is less management time for the client. A test piece is produced before commencement to ensure the right standards are being met before you need commit to us.


All language fonts are catered for on Mac and PC. You can receive the book translation from Quarto Translations, no matter what the language, in a readable format for you to work on.


We have a global network of printers we buy from at discounted rates. We handle database sourcing abroad, audited mailings and subscriber listings.

Website Translation

To publish on-line and to get your message quickly across to the widest possible audience – and without the cost of print – our website translation and publishing services may be what you are looking for.

We not only translate the pages but we can also supply over 400 languages, including Asian characters and Middle Eastern scripts (Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and Indian languages) ALL in a web friendly format. This includes providing web pages in HTML, Unicode or e-book formats.

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Look no further!

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Why Use Quarto? 

We have a dedicated team of mother-tongue translators who specialise in translation work for publishers. All book translations are proof read by a second qualified translator and then proofed for a third time in-house before we send the final translation back to the client.

We cover over 400 languages. We provide a range of other services including typesetting, repro, print and distribution.

You would not let just anyone write for you – so why would you let just anyone do your translation work for your book or magazine?

Quality Control – Our Four Part Approach


Sourcing a translation team (translator and proof reader) with the relevant experience.


Translation by a professional translator into their mother tongue.


Proofing against a 30 part checklist, including technical accuracy, grammar and style.


Second proofing by one of our project managers to ensure all changes have been carried out and nothing is missing.


Listed below are the languages that we currently provide translators for – whether into the language or from the language into any other. We will be pleased to find a translator for any language not represented here.

Afrikaans – Albanian – Amharic – Arabic – Armenian –  Basque – Belarusian – Bengali – Bulgarian – Catalan – Chinese – Croatian – Czech – Danish – Dutch – English – Estonian – Farsi – Finnish – Flemish – French – Gaelic – Georgian –  German – Greek – Gujarati – Hebrew – Hindi – Hungarian – Indonesian – Irish – Italian – Japanese – Korean – Kurdish – Laotian – Latin – Latvian – Lingala – Lithuanian – Malay – Maltese – Mongolian – Norwegian – Pashto – Polish – Portuguese – Punjabi – Romanian – Russian – Serbian – Simplified Chinese – Slovakian – Slovene – Somali – Spanish – Swahili – Swedish – Tamil – Tibetan – Traditional Chinese – Turkish – Ukrainian – Urdu – Uzbek – Welsh – Vietnamese – Yiddish

Our Clients

Quarto Translations works for a wide variety of clients. Here is a sample from our current client list. Some are well known, some less so. All are equally important to us.